¿lo que sucede cuando la llave encaja en la cerradura?

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Irene Luft Fall 2011 3 days ago
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hover craft by simon fetscherSpectrum 19: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
6 days ago
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Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 1981 1 week ago
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This was taken at a Pride event in Chennai, India in 2012. Today in India, gay sex is illegal and punishable with jail time, and along with the outdated law come outdated, hostile feelings toward LGBT people. It’s a scary place and time for queer folks and their loved ones. This dad, though? That’s pride. (via the Huffington Post Gay Voices)

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Emotions used instead of cash at unique art auction
If someone places the winning bid on a work of art at an auction, it must mean that they liked the piece more than any of the other bidders … right? Well, actually, it could just mean that they were wealthier than any of the other bidders. Swedish design company Kosta Boda, however, recently held an event where money was irrelevant. In order to win a piece, bidders had to have the most pronounced physiological response upon first seeing it. The event was developed by the Ellermore advertising agency in collaboration with Kosta Boda, and included three works of glass art worth a total of over €25,000 (US$34,000). Those pieces were kept hidden until the auction began. Each bidder was hooked up to sensors that measured their heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) – the latter is the electrical conductivity of the skin, as determined by subtle sweat secretions that accompany strong emotions. They were also able to read the artists’ thoughts about their pieces in order to determine which one they wished to bid on, although they weren’t allowed to see the works in advance. (via Emotions used instead of cash at unique art auction) 1 week ago
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redcacti i picture u just chillen like this 1 week ago
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Lee Boroson - Tang 

Lee Boroson is coming to MASS MoCA in Octoober 2014! Just a few short months away.  1 week ago